1. canlookcanttouch answered: pink and black
  2. the-swegg-meister answered: 2nd one only cause of the cleavage
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  4. 2unglam4u answered: first one.it looks sexy.:)
  5. epicbag answered: left one!
  6. stabmewithaspoon answered: 1st
  7. emptyletters answered: left <3
  8. tigersandyou answered: 1st
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  10. crown-the-dangerkids answered: the second one
  11. frando5 answered: yes
  12. awkward09876543211 answered: the one on the left
  13. tuuchaainz answered: pink onee !
  14. nitflix answered: 1st one for sure
  15. unicorns-and-monkeys answered: pink!
  16. beaunerbokan answered: the second one! Definately the second!
  17. jewharvest answered: right
  18. dickroulette answered: First on fosh
  19. m4rymac answered: LEFT
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  21. m3rmaids-on-acid answered: the pink one is sooo cute & sexy. also with some edge. but the black one is super chic & classy! also, the low cut back adds some sex appeal.
  22. seemingly-insanityy answered: one on right
  23. amerikawaaligirlfriend answered: the one of the left, not the pink one~
  24. waterprincet answered: Left, but I’m curious as to what the front of it looks like.
  25. idontusethisbloganymoreoops answered: PINK ONE
  26. buttpopcorn answered: second one.
  27. nos-talgi-a answered: right
  28. juliaboaretti answered: the first one
  29. asassybitchjust answered: left. trust me. im a fashion designer
  30. laughingnancy answered: left
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  32. autocorrekt answered: right
  33. thereissomestuffgoingonhere answered: left
  34. sleepydaffodil answered: FIRST ONE.
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